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Master Your Moods. Master Your Life.

Mood Mastery is a 6-week emotional resilience and mindset training program that combines a flexible curriculum with hands-on coaching, a supportive peer community, and in-depth training tutorials.

▪️ Small cohorts of high-achievers who want to do their best work without sacrificing wellbeing

▪️ Weekly workshops & office hours to get targeted feeback and stay accountable

▪️ “Flipped” curriculum that prioritizes actionable exercises over theory

▪️ Private community for interaction with peers and alumni

▪️ Workload: ~ 30 minutes per day

▪️ Taught by Dr. Nick Wignall

What previous students are saying

”Instead of spending the day running away from painful emotions, I now have the ability to acknowledge them in the moment, give myself some empathy and compassion, and then go on with my work for the day without feeling weighed down or exhausted. The amazing truth is that my emotions no longer blindside me. I could not say this before taking this course.”

Software QA Engineer

”Mood Mastery is better than anything else I’ve found for working through difficult emotions because it was created with deep expertise, empathy, and simplicity. The group environment engenders community and vulnerability which allows us to practice together and gain confidence in how to live more in-tune with our emotions. It’s literally the most important thing I’ve done in years and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Brad Patterson
Co-founder and CFO of Maple Leaf Strings

”One of the many things the course taught me was how to change my relationship with worry. Using strategies from the course, I am able to appropriately address my worries and anxieties without allowing them to block my productivity or joy!

Rikki Postal
Founder, Higher Ground Coaching